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Burgundy WeatherMAX FR

Burgundy WeatherMAX FR
Item# 37338
WeatherMAX 80 fabric was originally developed for the US Military,sold by the linear yard from $11.50 yd and up, 60" wide, Weathermax 80 features Solution Dyed SaturaMax fabric for exceptional strength and Durability, breatability, Mildew resistance, Water resistance, and UV color retention and fabric durability. The standard width is 60" wide (5 feet). This IS the alternative to Sunbrella Fabric, it is lighter weight but yet is stronger, breathable, and more water resistant. The perfect fabric for large scale projects - boat covers - where weight becomes an issue. Weathermax is naturally water repellent and doesn't rely on coatings to enhance this feature and both sides of the fabric are equal. Weathermax is UV Stable and will provides years of use. It comes with a 5 year warranty against loss of fabric strength or color loss.
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