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caprone berry rich

Item# 906
Italian tanned leather, Caprone is extremely durable and made to last. It has a very supple hand with a protective top coat which allows this leather to be used in any situation. Including High Traffic residential, commercial, hospitality, and Automotive. Can easily be used for Aviation use after commercial flame treatment to pass federal regulations. Caprone leathers in general are very "clean" and without much scarring but since Leather is a natural product some scarring and or holes should be expected. Size averages 50 square feet. Thickness is approximetely .9-1.1 mm. Sold by the hide. Actual hides may vary plus or minus 8 square feet since they are a natural product. Hides are priced based on 50 square feet. The actual price per hide is determined by each hides square footage which may be higher or lower than 50 square feet.
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