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Showing 1 - 33 of 33 products
HH-66 Vinyl Cement
RH HH-66 Vinyl Cement
Sale priceFrom $185.00
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Coil-zipper-#5-or-#10-by-the-roll-or-yard #5 and #10 Coil Zippers
Sale priceFrom $2.00
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Wiss 20N 10" bent trimmers
Wiss 22 12" bent trimmers
Foam Cutter Foam Cutter
Sale price$149.00
w-1 - Hand-Button-and -snap- and - grommet-press
Snap Fasteners and StudsSnap Fasteners and Studs
vicar Snap Fasteners and Studs
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Save $7.00
Sems Sand Free
Sems Products Sems Sand Free
Sale price$15.95 Regular price$22.95
Save $5.00
Sems Vinyl Prep
Sems Products Sems Vinyl Prep
Sale price$17.95 Regular price$22.95
Save $17.05
upholstery - Sems Color Coat Spray DyeSems Color Coat Aerosols
Sems Products Sems Color Coat Aerosols
Sale priceFrom $6.95 Regular price$24.00
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Seat Belt Style WebbingSeat Belt Style Webbing
Tennessee Seat Belt Style Webbing
Sale priceFrom $1.25
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Foam Welt Cord -
legget and platt Foam Welt Cord
Sale priceFrom $24.00
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Dap Weldwood Glue -
Dap Dap Weldwood Glue
Sale priceFrom $15.95
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Bent Self Closing Hog Ring Pliers TI-440CBent Self Closing Hog Ring Pliers TI-440C
C.S. Osborne #253 Gooseneck webbing stretcher
burlap-webbing-4"burlap-webbing-4" Burlap Webbing
Sale price$42.00
C-4 Turnfastener Punch
Hoover C-4 Turnfastener Punch
Sale price$68.00
Save $10.00
Arrow T - 50 Staple Gun - rgvtex.comArrow T - 50 Staple Gun -
Arrow Arrow T - 50 Staple Gun
Sale price$29.00 Regular price$39.00
2" elastic intes furniture webbing  MW650
3/4" Hog Ring "D" Type3/4" Hog Ring "D" Type 3/4" Hog Ring "D" Type
Sale priceFrom $0.00
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440B-Angled-Hog-ring-PliersAngled Self Closing Hog Ring Pliers TI-440B
40" Burlap 50 yd roll40" Burlap 50 yd roll
120.5 Staple puller
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Upholstery StaplesUpholstery Staples
tego Upholstery Staples
Sale priceFrom $8.50 Regular price$170.00
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