Convertible 40 guage clear window

Sale price$35.00


24" x 54"" 40 guage window.   A very high quality pressed and polished sheet.   The manufacturing process used to produce this sheet results in an extremely high level of optical clarity.  This product will remain stable, will not yellow in sunlight or crack when it freezes.  UV resistant for years of service.  A great value.  sold individually or in a 5 pc drum for maximum protection.   

Pressed vinyl sheets RENOLIT FLEXGLAS / SEA-FLEX are the ideal material of choice for flexible glazing of automotive soft-tops, boat enclosures and high-quality awnings. The sheets are also suitable for visors of protective suits and industrial applications.

Main advantages of RENOLIT FLEXGLAS / SEA-FLEX sheets:

  • High transparency
  • Distortion free, like a glass
  • High form stability (shrinkage <1 % )
  • Excellent layflat
  • Specified for long-term outdoor use
  • Easy processing
  • Flexibility that allows rolling and folding
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

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